And Happy New Year…

Few hours till midnight. So close to the (we hope) “happy” new year. So many emotions inside and outside. We show ourselves resigned but our hearts secretly hope for new positive experiences. Better if they are unexpected, magic, and if they allow to dream again. In other words, we all hope for being in wonder of something. For being surprised by life.

Indeed, wonder is one of the deepest, radical components of significant learning in life. When we feel wonder, something unexpected occurred, to an extent that we should re-examine, re-consider our way to interpret, to live an experience.

When in wonder, we loose the Balance. And that loss becomes the key for a next extraordinary gain.

However, wonder hurts. We should be aware that knowing new things sometimes hurts. It kicks old ones and requires to build a new place to locate new ones.

But Life consists in a continous growth. We can grow in many ways, but wonder is the best one. However, it hurts but it opens doors in our minds that we ignored before.

Therefore, my wish is to let your hearts open to welcome the new, to seek for wonder, even if hurts. To be like children in front of life.

I wish you a year full of wonder and I wish you that you carry on, despite everything.


Do you Want to Enhance your Creativity? Read this..

There is an increasing number of evidence showing that the exposure to naturals scenarios can improve creative reasoning by restoring some lower-level components of the executive attentional system (Atchley, Strayer, & Atchley, 2012). In other words, we heal our attentive abilities and this, in turn, would enhance creativity….

But what is the role of emotion in this process? Stay tuned for the next post..

In the meanwhile, enjoy these natural inspiring environments of my often underestimated town

Pure magic!





Vi auguro un meraviglioso Natale pieno di tenerezza. Una delle emozioni più delicate eppure una di quelle che ci tiene incollati ai gattini su facebook per ore.

La tenerezza è quella tendenza a prenderci cura di altre pesone, animali (o anche oggetti!!!) sopratutto se li consideriamo vulnerabili. Questo slancio che si consuma in un momento ma è alla base delle nostre relazioni affettive più intime e del senso di comunità che esiste (spesso non sempre) tra noi esseri umani (per approfondire Kalawski, 2010).

Quindi vi auguro un Natale pieno di tenerezza!


I wish you a very merry Christmas full of tenderness! Tenderness is one of the most delicate emotions, and the one able to make us addicted to kittens on Facebook.

Tenderness is when we tend to take care of someone (even something!!!) perceived as vulnerable, soft, in need of support and caring. Even though this is a short-living emotion, it is at the base of our society (for a partial review see Kalawski, 2010).

So, I wish you a merry Christmas full of tenderness, kittens and people you love!







Do you know it is Christmas time…But What is Christmas time?

Christmas time has been always a period characterized by mixed-emotional states for me (more information on music and mixed emotions on Hunter et al., 2010). I move from a mix of sadness and subtle joy, again to a feeling of melancholy blended with hesitant excitement. I am fine with this, since also some researchers demonstrated that these “confusing” secondary emotions should enhance our ability to handle adversity, to manage complexity of existence.

Anyway, it is not easy to characterize Christmas today. Many things against Christmas spirit happen every day, so why trying to be “different” at least this day? We cannot be satisfied with a conventional inclination towards this celebration. We should ask yourselves how we really feel and not only how we should feel.

Our lives should be built upon what we really live, at emotional level, an not only on conventional rules.

So, please, ask yourself how you feel about this celebration, and try to find and explanation. I think this could be the first step to celebrate Christmas. Christmas is first of all authenticity, then a duty. Try to accomplish the former, then the latter.

Sometimes, I wonder if people, if I, if we know what is and that is Christmas time..



I learnt a new emotion: “Contentment”


I am back from an outstanding conference in Zagreb on well-being, positive psychology and children “1st International Scientific Conference of the Department of Psychology at the Catholic University of Croatia“.


Contentment is when one feels that his/her current resources match or exceed the level of need (Shiota et al., 2006; p. 63). 

Contentment is when you savor life and all its contingencies and successes (Fredrickson, 1998).


… and there are many reasons.


1. This beautiful person and researcher, Professor Nansook Park. Director, Michigan Positive Psychology Center, she believes in people’s strengths and resources in a cross-cultural perspective. An inspiring person!


2. Beautiful people who organized this event, such as Barbara Brdovčak! No one has never written down my full name at the airport, as if I was a star!

WhatsApp Image 2017-12-06 at 13.49.30

3. The Cathedral of Zagreb….AWESOME! I felt overwhelmed (despite I was also tired as you can see..)

WhatsApp Image 2017-12-07 at 13.42.22
4. The Research Team I traveled with and I met there…unique experience for me.

Thanks to the Dean, to Marina Merkaš, PhD; Prof. María Josefa Rodrigo López; Barbara Brdovčak Phd student (my welcomer); Dragan Glavaš Phd Candidate; Prof. Antonietti, Prof. Manuela Cantoia, Alice Cancer Phd Candidate, Chiara Valenti Psy and many others!!!

WhatsApp Image 2017-12-08 at 16.58.55

I feel content!


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I literally lose my head for Zagreb! (P.S. try the Museum of Illusions)WhatsApp Image 2017-12-07 at 18.13.16


I wish you a wonderful week full of moments of joy and people to share them with.

Elevation….what kind of emotion is it?

When I listened to Alma (“the new Mozart” 12-years old composer) the first feeling was of admiration. So young and so full of talent!

Then, I watched at her interview. Her beauty was not only related to outstanding abilities, but especially to her morality (Keltner & Haier, 2003)

Se wished to change the world to make it a better place….music is the way…

Enjoy Alma’ talent and especially Alma’s belief in a better world…