A perspective…and then?

Hi to everyone!

Finally, my perspective has been published! So happy! It was a beautiful team work, I really have to thank you my supervisors and David B. Yaden, a brilliant research fellow at the University of Pennsylvania’s Positive Psychology Center.

You can find the pdf of the article here! 223153_chirico_provisionalpdf

A new perspective on awe and transformative experiences..maybe the way to reach that sudden and unexpected change that we are investigating now…VR is definitely the way..

It is just the first step, and we need to work more and harder, but

Roma non fu fatta in un giorno

(Rome has not been built in a single day).

What’s next?



Some moments of awe..

There are times in our lives in which we felt totally at ease with the whole universe, perfectly in balance with the rest of human (and non human) being.

For me, these moments are marked by music. Without it, life would be a pure and endless instant of isolation. Music is the punctuation, it reminds us of some missing parts of life we usually take for granted.

As Huron stated (2006), the violation of expectations is the key for emotions in music..and even there are not many documented examples of  musically  induced awe, I just want to share with you my personal moments of musical awe…The one that makes me think of music as one of the main drivers of this ineffable experience..