Gifts from life

Hi to everyone!

You know that I am addicted to awe-world, but now I also would like to talk about two other emotions: surprise and joy.

Start from the pleasure of seeing that the philosophy of awe is being spread all over the world. When you meet a new person in your life, something changes inside you. When you feel in tune with that person, you experience joy…but when you realize that you share the same life project, than all turns into surprise. It seems that when I talk about awe a natural feeling of connectedness spreads among people who hear that.

All this is strengthened by of the most powerful glue of the world: music.

Summary: awe + music = explosion of life. 

Maybe prosaic, but one of the key of existence…


I know I am Hermetic..but if you have ever felt these feelings, you can wholly understand.

Best to all of you,

Have a good weekend!



A perspective…and then?

Hi to everyone!

Finally, my perspective has been published! So happy! It was a beautiful team work, I really have to thank you my supervisors and David B. Yaden, a brilliant research fellow at the University of Pennsylvania’s Positive Psychology Center.

You can find the pdf of the article here! 223153_chirico_provisionalpdf

A new perspective on awe and transformative experiences..maybe the way to reach that sudden and unexpected change that we are investigating now…VR is definitely the way..

It is just the first step, and we need to work more and harder, but

Roma non fu fatta in un giorno

(Rome has not been built in a single day).

What’s next?