Towards a democracy of emotions

Usually, we describe awe as a rare emotional state. Its is difficult to live it and to reproduce it. Even more difficult is to find it in our lives.

Awe is not democratic for its own sake.

So, what about people who cannot actively search for natural opportunities of awe? What about people paralyzed and in need for awe?

We can offer virtual opportunity to live awe…

I guess that a new period of democratization of emotions and complex states can begin now with virtual reality. We demonstrated that VR can reproduce complex and ineffable emotional states more affordably. Why not take advantage of it?

Why not expanding human potential instead of only increasing its abilities?

Molti studiano come allungare l’esistenza, il problema è invece di allargarla

“Many people study how to extend life, but the real issue is how to expand life”

– Luciano De Crescenzo-